Inspiration comes from my environment, which means that I can draw and paint in every place where I am. I have my preferences, however. People, cityscapes, ships, nature are my sources of inspiration. My objective is to produce powerful images on a flat surface and to hit the core of what I want to show. In the case of landscapes and cityscapes the challenge is to create an illusion of space and to bring life in that space, or to  bring it to a complete stillness. I like to be in the open on my bike or in my boat. I make sketches and quick watercolours that I expand into oil paintings. An example is the series of paintings of polders that you find in the Landscape gallery of my site.

Ships trigger my imagination. They are often painted in clear colours and are elegant or sleek. Ships suggest movement, even when moored. This applies both to old barges and to modern container ships.  

People are always an intriguing subject to paint. It is fascinating that every individual shows a unique combination of outward appearances. A good portrait involves more than the outside, however. The challenge is to  merge the outside with character, emotion and the environment into a captivating painting. My own ideas and goals also play a role. As a result, the road to the final product is complex, exciting and surprising. This is the fun of portrait painting.